Private Jets Charter in Kyrgyzstan

Business aviation in Kyrgyzstan will always help those who value their time and comfort the most and wish to travel regardless of regular flights of air carriers. AVIAV TM (Cofrance SARL) will provide you with an aircraft on the most favorable terms, and you will be able to go anywhere in the world without transfers, enjoying complete freedom and the highest class service.

How to quickly rent business jets

To order a private jet, you do not have to go anywhere and even leave your workplace. You can apply directly on our website by stating:

– route,

– the number of passengers,

– round trip dates

– Approximate weight and dimensions of luggage.

The manager of AVIAV TM (Cofrance SARL) will instantly process your request and send you an offer in which you will see all the aircraft models ready to go to the destination you need. Also, the letter will indicate the price for a round-trip flight, the number of seats in the cabin, the age of the aircraft and their features. You can view photos and descriptions of business jets and choose the best one. After that, all that remains is to conclude an agreement by means of an electronic signature, send the passport data of passengers and pay the bill by bank transfer. This will take no more than a few minutes. It is convenient to discuss all the nuances of the flight with the manager when placing an order.

Benefits of a private flight

Renting a private jet in Kyrgyzstan AVIAV TM will help you solve many problems both in business and in your personal life. You can order a jet for any purpose: a business trip, sending employees on a business trip, a family trip, or even for a holiday in the sky. A personal flight has many advantages over a regular flight.

You do not have to look for tickets, spend time going through all the formalities at the airport, since this procedure will take no more than a few minutes. It is enough to arrive on the plane literally twenty minutes before departure, put a stamp in your passport and go on board. You can travel by private jet to almost anywhere in the world without transfers. Thus, business aviation will always help out where regular flights on the desired route are not provided. For long distances and to other countries, it will be possible to get from the Manas airport in the capital and other major international air harbors, for example, Batken, Osh, Issyk-Kul. All amenities will be provided on board, according to your wishes, which you will list to the manager of AVIAV TM (Cofrance SARL), for example, lunch from a restaurant, a shower, a comfortable sofa or a study with high-speed Internet. We are ready to provide you with a transfer anywhere in the world, to meet and see you everywhere, to help organize various events in Europe, both festive and business. Renting a private jet with a crew allows you to carry a large amount of luggage or other cargo, such as goods or animals. It is only necessary to coordinate this moment with the manager when placing an order, and you will easily deliver your things to the right place.

Today, large enterprises are actively operating in the country, uranium-containing ores continue to be mined, clothing, cotton, wool, meat, tobacco, shoes and other goods are exported. Therefore, it is not surprising that business aviation in Kyrgyzstan is becoming increasingly popular among business people. Fortunately, the international company AVIAV TM (Cofrance SARL) has a representative office here and takes orders around the clock – you can book a private flight at any time.

Contact AVIAV TM (Cofrance SARL), and business aviation will become your best business assistant!

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